Zak's Picks and Tricks // Ninja Flex Drive Block

Posted by Zachary Tassler on March 17, 2016. 6 Comments

Today I wanted to share a great printable drive block that will help flexible filament such as "Ninja Flex" easily feed into your printer. We used our Duplicator i3 v2 for this test and it worked like a charm. Check it out!

Thingiverse Drive Block Files:

Ninja Tek (Ninja Flex) Official Website:


Will this work on a i3 plus?
Posted by larry on June 09, 2017
Does this mod affect other types of filaments adversely?
Posted by Matt on October 04, 2016
Is it possible to print with flexible filament with the stock Wanhao Duplicator i3 v2.1?
Posted by Matt on October 04, 2016
What parameters would you use? How do I adjust my Process Settings in Simplify3D to successfully print with Ninjaflex?
Posted by Matt on July 21, 2016
Hi Sam, Yes it is possible to print flexible filament using your stock drive block, however, it is significantly more difficult to properly load the filament as it will often miss the exit hole or get tangled. I hope this answered your question! - Zak
Posted by Zak on March 18, 2016
Hello, good video! Is it possible to still print in flexible filament using the regular drive block? Sam
Posted by Samir El Halabi on March 17, 2016

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