Deep Dive Into 3D: A 3D Printing Education Camp

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Hello all,
We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Heath about his new 3D Printing Camp!
Here is the brief interview with Steve that we conducted along with some information on how to get involved...check it out!
Wanhao USA: What is the name of your program?
Steve: Deep Dive Into 3D.
Wanhao USA: What is the Deep Dive program?
Steve: Deep Dive Into 3D is a 20-hour Deep 3D Program to educate those eager to take the dive!
Wanhao USA: How did you get started?
Steve: I started FabNewport in the high school I used to work at and now we are on our own as a community fab lab.
Wanhao USA: Where are you located?
Steve: 1 York St, Newport RI in a mixed housing development.
Wanhao USA: Can you tell us a little bit about your instructors?
Steve: Nick Logler is our lead instructor. Nick is 28. He's been with us 3 years but is leaving to pursue his doctorate to research how making transforms lives and communities.
Wanhao USA: What is the cost to enroll in your program?
Steve: $999. That includes 20 hours of class time, and the [Di3 V2.1] printer with a few tweaks: a glass plate; maybe a new blower fan on the front and the new thumbscrews!
Wanhao USA: What design software do you use in the camp?
Steve: We coach [our campers] on a range of free software from Tinkercad, 123D Design and Onshape.
Wanhao USA: How can people contribute to your cause?
Steve: They can go to our website [] and hit the donate button. All donations are greatly appreciated!
A big thank you to Steve for taking the time to speak with us, and for starting such a wonderful program that is spreading education on 3D technology to the youth.
Here is the flyer for anyone interested in signing up: (right click and save images)
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