Duplicator i3 v2.1 VS Duplicator i3 PLUS

Posted by Zachary Tassler on June 22, 2016. 0 Comments

Ever since we announced that the new Di3 PLUS is available for pre-sale, many people have asked us about what makes the Di3 Plus so...PLUS! So in this video we give you a side by side comparison of last year's best selling model the Di3 v2.1 and the Di3 PLUS to give you a clear distinction between the two.

Check it out!

REMEMBER: For the month of June be sure to use discount code "PLUSPRESALE" for $50 off the Di3 PLUS or "ZAKJUNE" for $5 off all other printer purchases.

Duplicator i3 PLUS:


Duplicator i3 V2.1:


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