2016 Cyber Monday

Sale Terms: All promo codes valid Monday (11/28) only. Enter promo code during checkout. You may use an unlimited number of promo codes. However, our system only recognizes one promo code variation per session. This means that if you wish to purchase different printer models during the sale you must make separate transactions for each different printer model. Discounts will be added to each individual printer purchase at checkout. For help using promo codes please contact support@wanhaousa.com.

Duplicator i3 V2.1
$40 OFF with discount code:
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Duplicator i3 PLUS
$50 OFF with discount code:
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Duplicator 6
$40 OFF with discount code:
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Duplicator 5S
$100 OFF with discount code:

1.75mm PLA Filament
$15 OFF with discount code:
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