MK9 Upgrade Instructions

The MK9 upgrade can be purchased HERE.

Locate the 2mm & 2.5mm HEX keys that came with your printer.

Disconnect the stepper motor connector cable.

Use the 2.5mm HEX key to remove the screws at the front of your extruder assembly.

Remove component parts until you get to the drive block.

Use the 2mm HEX key to remove the screws holding in the top drive block piece.

Slide out your stepper motor and remove the v-bearing from the bottom drive block piece.

Separate the v-bearing.

Locate the MK9 upgrade components and the v-bearing that came with your MK8 assembly. Parts are labeled "R" and "L" for right and left extruder sides. The kit comes with extra screws and a spare spring for each extruder side. You only need what is pictured below for each individual side.

Place the v-bearing over the pin in the deepest round slot on the drive block arm.

Place the arm cover over the arm as shown below and press to close.

The v-bearing should spin freely in position.

Align the remaining components in preparation to begin securing with screws.

Position the MK9 bottom piece onto the stepper motor.

Screw in the bottom piece with ONE of the smaller/shorter screws included in your MK9 upgrade kit. Place the screw into the hole with the sunken entry on the drive block.

Position the spring and arm as shown below. Notice that the the v-bearing pin and stepper motor shaft are aligned.

Make sure the spring is positioned between the arm nipple and the nipple on the bottom drive block.

Squeeze the arm towards the bottom of the drive block as shown and secure it into position with the larger/longer screw included in the upgrade kit.

This is what the inside of the filament lane should look like without pressing on the arm lever. This is how it will look when your filament is being extruded.

This is what the inside of the filament lane should look like when pressing the arm lever to load filament.

Slide the stepper motor with the assembled MK9 upgrade back into place and make sure the filament lane is aligned with the nozzle lane and top-plate lane.

Once you have correctly positioned the stepper motor and drive block replace the components that were removed from the extruder assembly.
Here is a diagram of the completed MK9 assembly for your reference. (Replacing the flat washers is optional.)

Plug in the stepper motor connector cable.
Make sure the arm levers are loose enough to load filament when squeezed but have enough tension to grip filament once loaded.

Completed Setup.