Pro Level

Are you ready to start designing your own parts & models? Need help perfecting your designs? Here are a few products and websites for the more advanced users of Wanhao 3D printers.

Sketchup (Powered by Google) - CAD & STL Design

We like to recommend Google Sketchup as a great overall CAD & STL designer because it's simple to learn, very robust, and there are plenty of resources for online instruction (youtube is a great source). Oh, and it's also FREE! To export your models from Google Sketchup into STL files you will need to download their STL Extension found HERE.

Netfabb (Powered by Microsoft) - 3D Model Analysis and Automatic Repair

Netfabb offers a variety of 3D printing services but one of their best happens to be FREE! They offer a cloud oriented repair of your STL files. No need to download anything just upload your file and their program will handle the repair online.

3D Builder App (Powered by Microsoft) - 3D Model Editing and Scanner

MIcrosoft's 3D Builder is a free app that is feature-rich and quickly gaining popularity in the 3D printing world. This app has a clean user interface and can handle most of the usual 3D file editing tasks. However, the coolest feature is being able to 3D scan objects (or yourself) using a Kinect for Windows v2 sensor. Requires Windows 8.1+.