Prototyping With The Duplicator 5S

The Duplicator 5S is one of the largest desktop 3D printers on the market. With a build height capability of 575mm it has changed the way people think about using 3D printers for prototyping. To showcase this build capability we wanted to print an at scale model that could be customized to fit a variety of client's needs. We've received great feedback from a few different automotive parts manufacturers so we wanted to share some ways in which that specific industry is taking advantage of 3D printing. One of the more heavily customized auto parts amongst auto enthusiasts are exhaust systems...this is a perfect example to showcase what the Duplicator 5S can do.   


 We chose a basic exhaust tip design from the Google 3D Warehouse and used Google Sketchup to create a more modern design. The picture above illustrates the progression from the original model (leftmost model) to our more modern version (rightmost model). We changed the height, width, spherical facets, and conical geometry of the model to create a more impressive exhaust tip.


Editing the model on Sketchup was fast and relatively simple. Once we created the model we needed we were ready to print the 360mm tall exhaust tip. While we could have gone larger we chose to keep the dimensions within scale size.



Sketchup allowed us to export an STL version of our file which we then uploaded to Wanhao Maker. 


Wanhao Maker sliced the model into .25mm layers while converting the STL into an .i file...this is the type of file that the printer uses to instruct the extruder assembly where to move.  We saved our .i file onto our SD card and we were ready to begin printing.

The finished exhaust tip.


.25mm layer height.


We printed quite a few versions of the models and found out that adding multiple model walls allowed superior strength to the design. Because the filament that is extruded from the Duplicator 5S's nozzle is .4mm wide we printed models with both a .4mm perimeter width (single wall) and also a .8mm perimeter width (double wall). The time diffference between the single and double width models was about one hour of print time.



We also printed an exhaust pipe to show how multiple large prints can create giant models.


The exhaust pipe section measured 500mm in build height. The Duplicator 5S allows adjustment of speed, temperature, and extruder cooling fan operation while printing. It also features a pause function that will pause the filament extrusion mid-print if needed. These features are extremely handy when printing a large model. 

The results were a testament to the capabilities of the Duplicator 5S.

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