Request A Replacement Part

Each Wanhao 3D printer has between 100 to 250 individual components. Although all of these components have been tested before leaving our factory, there is a chance that one of them may fail under a high workload. If you are still under the 1 year warranty that comes with your printer purchase we will replace 100% of the parts on your machine to ensure proper operation.

So what if you have already identified the component that you need to have replaced on your printer? How do you receive a replacement part?

To start the replacement process, please fill out a Service Request Form. Please make sure to provide as much information as possible on the service request form as we will use this form to track your claim through the replacement process. You can also click THIS link to watch our video where we walk you through the process.

Please note that we are required to inspect certain components before we can send out a replacement. If you need to send us one of these special components please be aware that we will not pay for shipping of these parts to our workshop. You will be responsible for sending us these components using your own shipping carrier, insurance options, and packaging. These special components include:

All other part replacements only require that you submit a service request form. Simply submit the form and we’ll take care of the rest! 

If you need to send us a part for inspection please click HERE for a downloadable packing slip with our workshop address. Please follow the instructions on the packing slip when sending us a shipment.

*Shipment of replacement parts from our workshop to customers is FREE only within in the USA.