Duplicator 7 v1.4


3D printing for professionals... The Duplicator 7 v1.4 is the least expensive professional grade Digital Light Processing 3D printer on the market. DLP technology uses a UV light projector to flash a single image of one layer of the model's slice profile onto the printer's build plate. Once this UV light projector cures the current layer the printer raises it's platform and continues the process until all of the model's layers are complete. Being able to complete an entire layer at once with very few moving parts allows for faster and more accurate modeling. DLP is a game-changer in 3D printing as it eliminates many of the troublesome variables attributed to older FDM 3D printers.

Superior Build and Output... The latest Duplicator 7 V1.4 is made of industrial strength sheet metal and high quality CNC'd billet metal components. It has a build area of 120mm x 68mm x 200mm allowing you to build larger models or multiple prints faster! The quality of the prints produced by the newest v1.4 version is close to flawless. The D7 has a resolution capability of up to .025mm (HD 25 µm) and works with a variety of off-the-shelf resins. Whether you are printing dental guides, tabletop figurines, or complicated jewelry, the Duplicator 7 has the precision and reliability for the job.


This model is recommended for Dental Labs, Tabletop Gamers, & Jewelers.

Printer Specifications:

  • Included Printing Material: Sample Resin Pack
  • Layer Capability: 0.025mm (HD 25 µm)
  • Max Print Speed: 35mm/hour
  • Build Envelope: 120mm x 68mm x 200mm
  • Build Surface: Wanhao Proprietary Surface (+/- 0.03mm Flat Tolerance)
  • Printer Frame Size: 200mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 430mm (H)
  • Light Wavelength: 405 nm
  • LCD Pixel Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Z-Axis Endstop Switch: Optical Endstop Sensor
  • Cooling: 60mm Electronics Cooling Fan
  • Compatible Software: Creation Workshop (Wanhao Edition)
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 10
  • File Type: Gcode
  • File Transfer: USB Tethered
  • Frame Color: Steel Frame (Powder Coated Black)
  • Warranty: 1 Year FREE parts replacements and FREE in-shop service 
*Updates exclusive to the newest v1.4 version of the Duplicator 7:

Date: 5/22/2017

  • UV projector cables are soldered directly to the LED projector body.
  • Tabs have cut off UV projector to keep the printer from shorting.
  • Power button has moved to the back of the printer.
  • Changed Delrin Z Nut (plastic) to a brass anti-backlash nut for more precise movement.
  • UV projector cooling fan (60mm) and heat sink size have been increased for better cooling.
  • New molded reflector has more reflection and less scratches.
  • New internal 70W Power Supply (no more external PSU).
  • Z-axis coupler has been changed to a better clamping style instead of using setscrews to secure the threaded rod.
  • Vents have been added to the back of the printer for better airflow.
  • Build plate is now machined for +-0.03mm tolerance to ensure flatness.
  • 60mm cooling fan was added to the side to ensure the mainboard is cooled and the case is ventilated.

Shipping Lead Time: This machine is our latest offering and demand is high. These printers are currently being built to order and are shipped worldwide out of our China and California, USA warehouses. Current shipping lead time is 7-14 business days as of 6/12/2017.

$ 495.00 $ 529.00